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Sweeney Todd 

Book and Music by Stephen Sondheim and Hugh Wheeler. 

Directed by Walter Sutcliffe. 

Designed by Dorota Karolczak. Conducted by Sinead Hayes.

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Northern Ireland Opera and the Lyric Theatre Belfast 

present "the grandest of grand guignols..."


Jack Wolfe as Tobias with Julie Mullins as Mrs Lovett


Irish Independent 

Mrs Lovett (Julie Mullins) holds the stage in great style...

Belfast Live Review

Among what is a very strong cast... Julie Mullins was superb as Mrs Lovett...  

The Irish News

The principals, Steven Page as Todd with Patrick Stewart diction and a fine baritone and Julie Mullins as Mrs Lovett, are superb.  Mullins has a touch of the mid-career Millicent Martin, effortlessly combining Cockney charm with wickedness.


Seen and Heard International

The cast for the most part does a superb job in bringing Sondheim’s cast of ghouls and grotesques to life.  Julie Mullins was absolutely terrific in the role of Mrs Lovett.  She injected a deranged manic humour into Sondheim’s music hall numbers.  She sang, ‘The Worst Pies in London’ with guttural panache relishing words such as ‘disgusting’ and ‘revolting’ in her broad cockney twang.  She cackled with irrepressible glee in ‘A Little Priest’, delivering Sondheim’s witty lines with brio.


London born Julie Mullins was brought up down under and again has trotted the globe with work.  Her Mrs Lovett is one of the many reasons tonight was such a hit.  Her playful, child-like persona is hard to dislike no matter how many cadavers get put through the blender.  

Laura Caldwell -

Julie Mullins plays Mrs Lovett with all the charisma, mischief and warmth of a proper Cockney shopkeeper.  

The Stage

Julie Mullins as his partner in crime, Mrs Lovett – he kills ‘em, she cooks ‘em–  is a comic counterpart to Todd’s dour menace...

Alan in Belfast - Blog

Julie Mullins gives Mrs Lovett a bawdy music hall feel and is rewarded with audience laughs from early on in the show.

The Big List – Simon Fallaha

Jack Wolfe’s Tobias is the last hope for outright idealism - his performance of "Not While I'm Around" brings a heartbreaking look to Julie Mullins' face that can't be ignored.  She is too damaged to be the mother figure he desires her to be - and Mullins' conveyance of this plays its part in making her arguably the best Mrs Lovett I've seen to date.

Cathy Brown - Blog –

Julie Mullins, who eagle-eyed audience members of a certain age may remember from her memorable turn in Neighbours, steals the show as the romantic but wily Mrs. Lovett, whose moral compass is easily derailed by her love for Sweeney and her need for cash.   The scene where she discovers the first of Sweeney’s victims in a trunk and her subsequent performance of A Little Priest is worth the ticket price alone.   Throughout the production, she provides necessary comic counterpoint along with some of best singing of the evening.

Actor/Singer Julie Mullins

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